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With more than 10+ years of experience in the BPO industry and experts in dealing with a generation, we have come to the forefront of the lead generation for telemarketers. We play a significant role in catering to more than 30+ industries in DME, CGM, CGX, Diabetic, Health insurance, Home owners, Final expense, Immuno, Neuro, Auto owners & other genuine B2C leads-database. Our experienced professionals serve you with the best leads that assist your business in getting success in its respective business segment. Moreover, we are known for our opt-in and providing leads per customer’s specific requirements, leading fresh database, vertical-specific leads, and genuine leads.

We successfully run the campaign leads database campaign with more than 30+ industries in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. Our team is a leading BPO lead provider company for B2C databases with more than 5000 clients and a 100% client satisfaction rate. We are among the top database tele-calling lead provider companies with an excellent reputation in the lead generation industry. Moreover, due to our quality work and commitment, we entrain many clients from the reference. We are happy to announce that we have served our clients with quality work for over 10+ years. So, some of the excellent features of our firms are given below.

Onshore BPO Leads Features

  • Best Quality
  • Higher conversion ratio
  • Timely Leads delivery
  • Error Free database
  • Amazing Call flow
  • Better Connectivity
  • Fresh generated Leads For the B2C campaign
  • Good Replacement Policy for Disconnected & Wrong Numbers
  • Best prices offered at bulk orders

We are happy to endeavor you in the successful journey of your future by constantly effectively improving our services. Onshore BPO Leads assure you that our data has the highest conversion rate, saving you time, energy, and money. Our company ensures that our leads are fresh and comprised as per customer requirements, which leads your business to reach the height of success. We are successfully generating millions of quality leads for your campaign with the quality of work. However, purchasing leads from us is the best decision for your business. 

We understand that our provided leads are the soul of your business; thus, Onshore BPO Leads Company ensures you with the best quality leads for every business segment, including Pharma, mortgage, education, health, insurance, medical, trading, finance, and much more. Our range includes raw leads, Medicare part-b, Cardio, CBD, DME, CGX, CGM, and more. However, we hold a strong foothold in the BPO lead generation industry by serving our clients with 100% satisfaction, quality leads, and filtration as client requirements.

Onshore BPO Leads generate leads through a unique platform managed by our professionals, who list the leads with several verification steps. However, we also ensure that we provide the lead to our as per their requirement by applying several filters. So, if you are looking for the best lead-providing company, then Onshore BPO Leads is the ultimate destination for your requirement. We ensure you get qualified leads that conceptualize your business growth with an extensive rate convertible ratio.


We Are Dedicated To

Best Leads to Related Business:-

Onshore BPO leads is one of the top leading company with Excellent Connectivity

  • 100% Quality Leads
  • Excellent Conversion

Valued Service:-

We believe in quality with Quantity

  • Replacement Provided On Disconnected & Wrong Numbers
  • Web Generated leads
  • Fresh leads

Free Consultation:-

We provide consultation as per your product industry and campaign.

  • Error Free Database 
  • On Time Delivery

Onshore Bpo Leads is a leading company with more than a decade of experience in the BPO industry as a lead provider. Over 30+ industries like DME leads, Health insurance, Mortgage, Pharma, Education, Loan Consolidation, Health Insurance, and many more are associated with us for years. We provide quality leads to businesses as per the client’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are BPO Leads?
In the BPO industry when people show interest to be contacted, that interest can be shown over the call or online, it’s up to the situation. The information of the particular person is called as lead and telemarketers contact customers, listen to their queries & offer them the solution.

2. What is the connectivity ratio of your Leads?
We have an amazing quality of leads that are performing extremely well. The connectivity ratio varies from one vertical to another.

3. How do I place the order for Leads?
You share the details of what you are needing in the leads. Once your order is confirmed, we’ll share the mode of payment. We supply leads within 24 hours of payment.

4. What is the replacement policy if I get wrong and disconnected numbers?
We offer a replacement policy for disconnected & wrong numbers after sharing dialer disposition report in excel format. Make sure leads are churned 100% not partially churned.

5. How many years of experience do you have as a BPO Leads Provider?
We have 11 plus years of experience as a BPO Leads Provide, In this journey, we satisfied more than 240 plus clients with our services and They are our regular clients.

6. Can I get the samples file?
We do not provide samples, we have minimum trial paid test, quantity varies as per the specification of lead.

7. How many types of verticals do you have?
We are dealing with more than 30 plus feeds like DME, CGX, CGM, Solar, Energy, Cardio, Mortgage, Homeowner, Pharma, Final expense leads, and many more.

8. What is the freshness of your leads?
Freshness varies from one feed to another. We have fresh & second-used leads available & offer as per the customer’s requirement.