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Raw Leads for All Campaigns | Raw Leads for Telemarketers

In the Call center industry, there are multiple voice processes for which it is not easy to get leads easily. For example, there are some campaigns like DishTV, Spectrum, Final Expense, and many more. For these campaigns, there is no specific lead that can be used in the campaign.

Similarly, there are many verticals for which it’s difficult to get leads. There is one and only lead which can be used in many campaigns is called Raw Leads.

Raw leads are generated through many ways like online surveys, Adwords, or in-house cold calling. In an online survey, There is an online form in which the customer fills his/her details & the information is shared with telemarketers so that customer can be contacted.

Similarly, leads are generated through in-house cold calling wherein customer is contacted through telemarketers & takedown in their database.

Once the team saves the information of the customer then it is shared with the concerned team who can contact the customer. There is one more way which is called chat support where the customer provides their detail through chat & then they are contacted again by telemarketers.

Raw leads are the master leads that are useful in many campaigns & if there is the unavailability of the specific leads, this lead are used just to get the productivity & grow the business.

We provide lead-database for 30 plus verticals like debt lead, homeowner lead, Medicare part-b, DME, CGX, Cardio, CBD, CGM, Pharma, raw, final expense, Solar, Energy, mortgage lead and many more. Basic headers available in all verticals, and can make filtration as per the requirement.

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